Howdy! Clayton Hutson here, an aspiring actor from Glendale, California, and you’ve just reached my personal website. This is where I chronicle what it’s like to be a struggling actor in LA. Basically, you’ll get to read here all of my experiences as a starving artist.

I’m kidding, by the way. I’m not starving yet—I hold a part time job, and take on small parts here and
there. Admittedly, just thinking about how to pay rent, utilities, and leisure expenses—not to mention daily meals—while trying to get that big break is enough to discourage any young actor.

But hey, I’ve managed to dodge a few bullets, so I’m still doing okay. The Hollywood dream is still alive.

To be honest with you, part of the reason why I started this website is because I’ve gotten tired of waiting for something to come my way. I’ve been to all sorts of auditions and I’ll probably never change my mind that they suck (for lack of a more politically correct term), period. Most people don’t know it, but an actor’s career—or fate even—is forever sealed by whatever happens in those two agonizing minutes with the casting director.

The second you walk into the room, you almost always know whether you already blew your chances or there’s a teeny tiny chance they’re interested to see more from you.

This is the bigger reason why I wanted to start this blog; to create a community that can offer help and support to struggling actors like myself—a community of actors by actors. After all, who would know how to comfort us and boost our morale better than ourselves?

For now, I’ve put up a bio page where you can learn more about me, Clayton Hutson.

I’ve started a blog page where I’ll be talking about acting, auditions, agents, and everything in between. I’ll also offer some helpful tips here, as well as insights on how to make the entire process of breaking into Hollywood much more bearable. Hint: it involves investing in a home printer for last-minute resume and headshot printing, a small filing cabinet, and lots of pizza and beer to help cope with rejection.

Hollywood is a heartbreaker, but who knows? Tomorrow might just be the day.

Meanwhile, I’ve also set aside some space to talk about LA. Did you know that Glendale in particular has produced a handful of Hollywood actors? Some of the more familiar faces include Robert Englund (Freddy in Nightmare on Elm Street), Eva Mendes (Hitch), John Cho (Harold & Kumar), and Paul Walker (Fast and Furious franchise).

I’ve also put up a News page for the benefit of other actors. If there’s an audition and casting call coming up, you can be sure to read about it there. Alternatively, you can share information with us too.

That’s it for now.

If you’re about to throw in the towel and look for another “profession,” I’m here to tell you; don’t give up just yet. I’m Clayton Hutson and I hope my blog can help keep the fire burning in you.

Dream big, guys.