Actor Clayton Hutson hails from Glendale, California where he grew up and spent most of his life—with his parents and two older sisters. While he has appeared as an extra in various TV shows like “Terra Nova” and “Enlisted,” he has spent the better part of his career as a TV commercial actor, appearing for products like toothpaste and laundry detergent.

Graduating from Occidental College with a degree in marine biology, Clayton had always set his sights on becoming a professional actor even from an early age. He recounts that his love for acting was born out of his frustrations with dancing. Clayton is a gifted singer and would often be asked by his family and relatives to sing during get-togethers.

When Clayton was ten, he was prodded by his parents to appear in an upcoming school play; his first taste of the stage. The reluctant Clayton eventually agreed and from then on, he has never strayed too far from acting. Even when he got into sports and tried his hand at basketball, he nurtured his roots on stage. His experiences during this time also laid the foundations for him to become an active member at his high school theater club.

After graduating from college, Clayton immediately set out to make his acting dreams come true. He put working at a typical desk job on hold so he can focus his energies on marketing himself and finding the right agent. With strong support from his family, Clayton went to numerous auditions—by himself most of the time. His efforts during this time landed him a small spot in a Japanese TV commercial.

Young and full of ambition, Clayton did not stop going to casting calls. Eventually, his mother volunteered to become his agent. This was so Clayton would not have to worry about looking for work, and could just focus on improving his acting skills. Clayton believes that having his mom by his side, working with him each day, has helped keep the depression from rejection at bay.

To support himself, Clayton works part time as a production assistant. He would love to be given the opportunity to become more hands-on with styling and wardrobe. Immersing himself in the industry as much as he can, Clayton plans to widen his network through his day job. Now, he has dedicated his weekends strictly for auditioning or practicing his acting skills to get him ready for Hollywood.

One of the more unusual hobbies he has acquired from working on set is collecting hats. He collects all types of hats including sports hats, cultural hats from around the world, and cowboy hats.

His favorite team is the Los Angeles Lakers. Though his favorite player, Kobe Bryant, has retired, Clayton still frequently attends games at the Staples Center Arena. He mostly catches the games with his father. As a Lakers Fan, he collects Lakers memorabilia with the intention of keeping them as an investment.

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